We believe that mountain biking is more than just exercise. For us, it's a way of life! Our team is built of passionate individuals who have dedicated themselves to sharing their positive experiences with you! We are a big family, and we invite you to our home to come play "bikes" with us!

Mountain biking for us is a way of life, a connection to nature, a guaranteed happiness, a career and a sustainable industry for community development. We strive to be the best we can be and operate with a values system that respects all the stakeholders in our industry.


Meet the EB Crew

Darren Butler

| Co-owner of EB, Vice President
| Professional Instructor & Guide
| Director of Media & Marketing

Darren’s leadership, positive attitude & professionalism provide an energetic, passionate drive for Endless Biking.

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Darren excels at teaching, with over 15 years experience as a professional Instructor and Guide and the last 11 years with Endless Biking, as well as being an Instructor at Capilano University & College of the Rockies. Darren has trained hundreds, if not thousands, of riders through various camps, lessons, clinics and Instructor Training courses and web videos. Darren has been trained and consulted with many MTB instructor/coaching training programs: including the development of the PMBIA & MBIT, as well as trained in NCCP and CMIC/ICP. These experiences and vast knowledge give Darren a great edge in terms of Instruction and an understanding of different ways to teach and to learn. Like the trails we ride, each situation is unique and can call for a slightly different approach.

Darren’s commitment to community is strong, involved in countless community projects and initiatives throughout BC and even around the world. A co-founder of the KootenayTrail Building Assocaiton in Invermere, BC (KTBA), former Director of NSMBA, now sitting on a Trail Advisory committee, DB has helped shape some of the riding we have in BC today.

Darren’s varied skill-set is captured in international media coverage, through various TV shows, MTB videos and magazines as well as many community events. A creative, diverse, fit and technical rider, DB can ride it all at a very high level; XC, DH, Freeride, Dual Slalom/4X, Enduro, Road…. you get the idea! His diverse riding background includes competing in the BC Bike Race (5 years), the world’s first freeride events: the Red Bull Rampage and Red Bull Freezride, featured rider on Drop In TV, Ride Guide, pro racing ( DH, 4X, XC), factory team manager, and event organizer and MC for various events still to this date.

Darren’s a tough customer too, overcoming a near career ending injury, shattering both heels while filming for a TV show in 2002. After spending the better part of a year in a wheelchair and 3 years rehabilitating, Darren has bounced back stronger, with fortitude and intent that has been an inspiration to those around him.

Kelli Sherbinin

| Co-owner of EB, President
| Professional Instructor & Guide
| Director of Operations

Kelli’s teaching resume is one of the deepest you’ll find. She has been an instructor for 20 years & is a passionate ambassador for our sport.

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Kelli’s teaching resume is one of the deepest you’ll find. She has been a mountain bike instructor for 20 years and has worked with many organizations, including: Endless Biking, The Dirt Series, Spokeswomen, Mad March Racing (MMR), Red Bull, Capilano University, College of the Rockies & NS Ride. Kelli is also a course conductor and director with the PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors & Guides Association).

Kelli has developed a solid skill set and teaching style that is passionate, fundamentally sound and full of energy. Kelli’s positivity and exceptional teaching skills make her a phenomenal leader and one of EB’s most sought after coaches.

Kelli was born and raised in Nelson BC where she found her passion for mountain biking in the mid 1990's. Since then, Kelli has established herself as a highly respected professional instructor, retired racer, advisor and mentor throughout Canada. Kelli is not only the President of Operations at EB, she’s also an Instructor at Capilano University, teaching MTB Instruction and Guiding as well as a course conductor & director for the PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association and has been part of the MBTA (Mountain Bike Tourism Association) as a director for over 5yrs.

Some of Kelli’s career highlights include: 2018 Summiting the worlds highest navigable pass, Thorong La (5614m)- Nepal, 2010 BC Bike Race 1st Place Overall – Solo Women Challenge, 2004 BC Cup overall series winner in Pro DH and Dual/Biker X, 6th place finish at Red Bull Psychosis, 5th place finish at Slope Sistair, the first ever invitational women’s freeride event. Kelli has also been featured in many movies and TV shows including: 100% Woman, Wild at Heart, The Emergence, Dirt Divas, Ride Guide TV, The Knowledge Network and Drop In TV.

Matthew Lowell

| Opperations Manager
| Professional Instructor & Guide

As our Operations Manager, Matt keeps on top on the daily running of the Endless Biking HQ & helps customers engage with our brand.

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Having moved to Vancouver from Scotland, Matt joined the Endless Biking team in August 2015. Having studied design at The Glasgow School of Art, Matt has a great ability to see things from a users perspective and strives to streamline our operations, ensuring we deliver a great experience for every customer both online and in person.

Matt’s move to Canada was fueled by his passion for the outdoors and adventure. Drawn by the amazing opportunities to get into wilderness and explore new landscapes on his mountain bike. An ideal day for Matt would include a generous mix of climbing and descending, flowy berms and challenging his riding skills on the North Shore trails - followed by a healthy dose of good quality beer! When he is not with us, or on his bike, Matt works with a small team to coordinate CycleHack, a global design event that aims to reduce the barriers to cycling and prototype new cycling ideas. Matt is a juggling wizard and is working on juggling on a unicycle.

Levi Harapnuik

| Professional Instructor & Guide
| Mechanic

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I grew up riding bikes, but growing up on the plains of Texas and Southern Alberta made it a little hard to pursue my passion for mountain biking with there being no mountains. Now that I'm on the North Shore, one of the best mountain bike destinations in the world, I couldn't be happier with many of the best trails right out my back door!

I have a love racing and I'm working my way up to racing on the World Cup circuit with a factory team. I love the busy, racing atmosphere, but I also enjoy riding by myself when I'm exploring zones where I've never been or trying to find awesome new trails. I hope that I can convey my passion for riding bikes to other people so maybe they can have a taste of what I feel every time I throw my leg over my bike. Any day on a bike is a good day!

Anthony Boussetta

| Professional Instructor & Guide

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Originally from France, mountain biking quickly became Anthony’s greatest passion in life and has been for the past 15 years! Anthony has a varied riding background and has experience in riding dirtjumps, skatepark, XC and 4X. After a short break from riding downhill, he missed the high speeds and participated in his first DH race 11 years ago, where he won and has kept racing ever since! In 2016 he finished 2nd in his category at the Canadian National Enduro Championship and 2nd also at the BC Enduro Series.

Anthony loves to ride all-mountain trails as for him, ‘there’s nothing better than shredding trails blind with friends, being lost and sharing memories over a beer and a BBQ, and doing it again the next day!’

As a French teacher, Anthony enjoys many holidays and often traveled with his bike to ride various riding destinations in Europe, South Africa, the Caribbean and Reunion island. He really enjoys technical, steep and challenging trails and will always give you the motivation to follow his “French line”. Anthony joined the EB team a few years ago and accomplished one of his childhood dreams by living on the Shore, racing, guiding and sharing his experience with other fellow riders.

When not on his 2 wheels, you’ll most likely find him riding his splitboarding, cliff-jumping, golfing, surfing… or with one of his favorite Caribbean rums in hand!

Amy McDermid

| Professional Instructor & Guide

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A Calgary girl to the core, Amy moved to BC after high school to pursue an education at the University of Victoria. During that time, she discovered a love for Whistler and moved there to chase powder upon graduation. The snowpack dwindled and summers seemed to get longer, so Amy picked up mountain biking as a new passion. She now strives to be the best ski and bike adventure buddy to everyone she knows. Her ideal day on the bike is a long pedal on flowing single track that lasts all day followed by a jump in a lake and some refreshing beverages. She particularly enjoys travelling and finding awesome new areas to ride.

Amy now lives in Deep Cove with her husband Ryan and works as an elementary teacher by day, and a mountain bike instructor and guide the rest of the time. She can often be found with camera in hand capturing her adventures. She looks forward to riding with you!

Website: https://amyjmcdermid.wordpress.com/

Chris Simm

| Professional Instructor & Guide

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Passionate about being outside, Chris has enjoyed adventure on two wheels since hitting his first wooden, home made jump at 7 years old, no helmet. After racing his mountain bike in the 90’s as a teenager he set aside his bike and pursued a career in ski instruction and heli ski guiding. This had him travelling the globe and chasing endless winters for 10 years. Chris strongly believes that tourism is a great, sustainable resource for community growth.

Now he can be found taking the time to enjoy all four seasons on either a surfboard, mountain bike or pair of skis. Having completed a Masters Degree in Business Administration he has transitioned into a guiding role with Endless Biking. As a certified PMBI mountain bike instructor, Chris enjoys his time with customers in the saddle!

Eric Wong

| Professional Instructor & Guide

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Eric grew up in the Vancouver and was instantly hooked on mountain biking with the easy access to the world-class trails in his backyard. What started as a hobby turned into a lifestyle as he attended Capilano Universities Mountain Bike Operations program. After some world travelling and completing his education with a Diploma in Tourism Management, Eric landed at Endless Biking as the Program Coordinator and Lead Guide. Spending most of the day’s instructing and guiding with some office stint’s day dreaming of Seymour laps and beers on the patio.

When not on the bike Eric can be found playing beer league sports, personal training, obsessing over fantasy sports and planning out his next adventure.

Eric is stoked to share mountain biking, local’s lines and grow mountain bike tourism in BC!

Jaime Hill

| Accounting Technician
| Professional Instructor & Guide

Jaime is a downhill mountain bike racer, coach, mentor and lifelong adventure seeker!

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Jaime began her athletics career as a world-class competitive gymnast and coach, where she had the opportunity to represent Canada at several World Championships, Commonwealth Games and a host of other prestigious international competitions. Jaime carries the same drive, determination, work ethic and professionalism required to be an Olympic level gymnast into her career as a mountain bike athlete and coach.

After graduation from University, on a full NCAA gymnastics scholarship, Jaime made her way to Whistler, BC where she fell in love with biking and the adventures that came with it.

For the last ten years biking has been an integral part of Jaime’s life and the opportunity of riding new trails and pitting herself against the clock has driven Jaime to hone her skills and share her passion for mountain biking with those around her.

Jaime has found a freedom and thrill with mountain biking that is unmatched to any other sport she’s tried, and the adrenaline of pushing her limits and exploring new terrain all over the world is what continues to drive her passion for riding today.

Jaime brings a unique approach to mountain bike instruction, with over 10 years of experience as a fully certified NCCP competitive gymnastics coach, coupled with a Level 2 PMBI MTB instructor certification. Jaime has been part of MTB coaching programs like Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps, TaG Youth Cycling Camps, WORCA Monday Night Ride Guide Program and the Ride Like A Girl Mentorship Program. When Jaime is not on her bike, she is pursuing a Chartered Professional Accounting Designation and hopes to one-day blend these two worlds!

Some of Jaime’s career highlights are: 2015 BC Pro/Elite Provincial Downhill Champion

2013-2015 Top three Canada Cup Downhill Series

2013-2015 Six World Cup DH top 20 finishes

2012-2015 Top five Canadian National Championships

2015 Top five Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom

PinkBike.com athlete profile - “You Don’t Know Jaime Hill”

Livestrong.com athlete profile - “Meet Jaime Hill”

Jordan Drinovz

| Professional Instructor & Guide

One of our most experienced instructor & guide, JD not only knows how to ride fast but also has a talent for teaching it!

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Jordan Drinovz, aka JD, is our Program Coordinator and our most senior employee (after Sol Man the dog). He joined Endless Biking seven years ago after graduating from the Capilano University Mountain Bike Operations Program. JD organizes our scheduled programs (think Progression Sessions, Youth Summer Camps, Single Sessions, etc.) and, whenever possible, he gets out to guide and instruct.

His love for mountain biking stems from his passion for the outdoors, his taste for adventure and his thirst for speed and style. “I ride because I love the combination of getting lost in the woods, unflinching focus and going fast that mountain biking brings.” Unsurprisingly, his ideal day on the bike involves long ride with a fair bit of climbing and descending and a whole lot of “holy crap! I’m going fast!” At Endless Biking, we call him “The Specialist” as he enjoys all aspects of mountain biking.

When he’s not mountain biking, JD is either ski touring (he is also a Ski Patroller), drinking scotch, playing chess or camping.

His words of wisdom? “Worry less about your bike and just appreciate where it takes you.”

Craig Findlay

| Professional Instructor & Guide

Fast trails, loud music and good times come to mind when thinking of Craig.

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Born and raised in Deep Cove near Mount Seymour, Craig started riding the North Shore trails on a BMX with knobby tires because mountain bikes hadn’t been invented yet. He remembers the classic Seymour trails like C-Buster and Severed Dick, and Seventh Secret on Mount Fromme back in the early 90’s before mountain biking became as popular as it is today.

From an early age Craig has always had a deep connection with the mountains and forests. He lived in Northern BC for many years, specifically Williams Lake. During his time up North he worked in the forestry industry as a timber cruiser, a logger and a forest fire fighter. Back in those days rock climbing and mountaineering were his passion and he spent most of his time training for the next mission. "Harder, faster, stronger" was his motto as daily work in the forest was pretty hazardous. After almost being killed a few times working in the woods, Craig decided to come back to the Lower Mainland to pursue his goal of becoming a structural fire fighter with a local Fire Department.

Around 2005 Craig reconnected with bikes and renewed his passion for going fast and getting loose. These days he can be found shredding it on Burke or Eagle Mountain in Coquitlam with his trusty side kick: his Siberian Husky named Brew. When he isn’t riding bikes, Craig likes to do trail building and maintenance because he believes that those who enjoy the trails should also give back and help keep the trails running smoothly and safely for all to enjoy.

As a person who continually strives to improve physically, mentally and spiritually, this philosophy has led Craig to work on his own bike skills and he enjoys sharing the bike gospel with his friends and others from around the world.

Amy Pryse-Phillips

| Professional Instructor & Guide

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I started riding my (fully-rigid) mountain bike over rocks and roots in the 90s and have never looked back! From my saddle I’ve made many awesome friends, seen beautiful parts of the world, developed a great appreciation for our environment, and enjoyed the incredible adrenaline and stoke that our sport dishes out. And I’ve collected my fair share of bumps and bruises along the way too!

Back in the day I raced every discipline available: cross-country, road, cyclocross and downhill. Now I am “so enduro” – I love big days out on the trail with friends, and letting it rip on the downhill. I like to toss in the occasional bike tour too (on or off-road). If I'm rolling on 2 wheels, I probably have a smile on my face! In 2011 I moved to BC from the East Coast and am still trying to get through my ever-expanding list of places to ride. We are so lucky here to have such a strong community of mountain bikers furthering the sport and the trails in a sustainable way.

I work full-time as a professional engineer but manage to find a good amount of time to ride bikes whether it be a chill ride catching up with friends, racing a local enduro, or coaching. Helping others improve and get excited about mountain biking gives me great joy – I hope to ride with you soon!

Ryan Purcell

| Professional Instructor & Guide

Read about Ryan!

Put simply, Ryan Purcell loves to spend time outside. Although he (jokingly) admits enjoying short walks on the beach, the mountains are where his heart is at: “there is nothing I like more than being in the mountains.”

With a total of 20 years of experience on two wheels (including over 10 years as a mountain bike instructor) and a true passion for making others discover mountain biking, it is no surprise that one of Ryan’s goals is to become a course conductor for the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association – an internationally recognized organization that trains and certifies mountain bike guides and instructors. Ryan’s positive energy, enthusiasm and ability to communicate effectively make him the perfect mountain bike guide and instructor.

Once the snow starts falling on the North Shore Mountains, Ryan trades his two wheels for two planks and works on the slopes (and in the air) with the Vancouver Freestyle Ski Club.

Cynthia Young

| Professional Instructor & Guide

Read about Cynthia!

Cynthias’ years of racing experiences with great results, certifications to coach professionally, combined with her Degree in Kinesiology are just part of what makes her such an asset to Endless Biking. Cynthia’s tremendous passion for the sport of mountain biking as well as her amazing personality complete the package that she brings to EB.

Cynthia has World Cup XC appearances, Road, Cyclocross and Enduro racing podiums, as well as Adventure and multi day Mountain Biking victories racing to her name. She has experience coaching just about every level of rider, Youth to Adult. Cynthia really does do it all. As a proud Mom, Cynthia isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either. Look for her on the trails of the North Shore with smiles and family in tow.

Dean Mason

| Professional Instructor & Guide

Read about Dean!

Born and raised in BC, I grew up in Kamloops, spent a few years ski bumming in Golden and have called the North Shore home for 20+ years. I purchased my first mountain bike in 1987 and have been riding and exploring the vast system of trails on the North Shore since then. I dabbled in the race scene in the early 90’s when 3-4 disciplines of racing were competed on one bike with little to no suspension and have been fortunate to experience the development/evolution of both mountain bikes and the trail systems of North Vancouver and BC as a whole.

When not on my bike I work in mineral exploration in Western and Northern Canada, looking for everything from diamonds in the Arctic, rare earth minerals in BC and uranium in Northern Saskatchewan. During the exploration off-season I spend time in a small millwork shop specializing in custom kitchens.

In the last few years I have been lucky enough to be working in many BC communities, small and large, with rapidly expanding trail networks and indulging in another passion of mine, Craft beer. With the bike on the roof and growlers in the luggage I have been able to accrue a pretty good database of both trails and ales in BC and beyond.

Andreas Hestler

| Professional Racer & Coach
| Program Consultant

Read about Andreas!

Andreas Hestler aka ‘Dre’ began his passion for mountain biking in 1986, back then it was simply transportation. Soon after moving to Vancouver and embracing the life of a courier an attempt at racing was made and a new love was born. The next 20 years described a full career, 13 years on the World Cup Circuit, World Championship and the Olympics, the lifestyle of a devoted athlete.

Taking Canada to the Olympic debut of Mountain Biking in Atlanta (1996) will rank as one of my life’s great achievements, but so to will representing Canada as the National Champion, and National Series winner 5 times. Coaching became a serious part of my later career, so it is with great pleasure that I can get my 20 years of professional training and racing out to the public. In the last few years after winning the Trans Rockies 3 times, Dre has found writing, guiding, event promotion and exploring to be his new hobbies and of course they all happen on bicycles.

A true ambassador for the sport, a pioneer, a fierce competitor and all around cyclist with wins on the road, mountain and cross bike, from Epic to short track and Super D, Dre has a two wheel gift, an engine and a personality to match. Come and share the experiences gained in all disciplines, share the knowledge and have a great time getting prepared for your upcoming season.

Marty Lazarski

| Professional Racer & Coach
| Program Consultant
| Firefighter


| Ex-EB Assistant

While 'Sol-man' sadly passed away in 2017 he lives on as an integral part of EB family. He was at every single business meeting, most road trips and became a big part of EB’s identity.

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He was trained to ride trails, dig at trail days, hang out at the Whistler Bike Park, dirt jumps, skateparks, was amazing in the shop and got along with everyone.

Sol was a special nugget too… Not to be outdone by any of the instructors or guest riders, Sol had a titanium pelvis and a modified hip. His great spirit tought us many great things about life and he was a blast to have on rides! Cheers Sol Man!